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Introducing Happy Feet n Hands

January 01, 2021

Introducing Happy Feet n Hands

Thank you for visiting Happy Feet n Hands! We’re so glad you found us and want to take the time to say hello and introduce ourselves. Happy Feet n Hands is a convenient, easy to navigate, eCommerce, one-stop shop for premium products for your hands and feet.

Happy Feet n Hands was created in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic by Owner Joyce Sloss who was looking for self-care products while she was at home. Her search was time consuming and frustrating and lead her to start investigating this market. Through a survey of potential customers and discussions with professionals, she found there was a gap in the market for the specialized care of hands and feet.

And thus, Happy Feet n Hands was born! To meet real customer needs and eliminate long searches, Happy Feet n Hands was founded to provide a variety of self-care products in one place. The wide range of Happy Feet n Hands products includes a foot peel, moisturizing hand gloves, foot and hand bombs, a foot massager, aromatherapy candles, salts, scrubs, and more.

At Happy Feet n Hands, we listen to our customers, and we respond. Our mission is simple: “To elevate the care and comfort of feet and hands with ease, innovation, wellness, and fun.” Our vision is “to help people feel comfortable in their own feet. We recognize our customers are more than the products they purchase, and we’re excited to partner with you on your wellness journey. Thank you for choosing Happy Feet n Hands!