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4 Ways To Enhance Your Self-Care Sunday Routine

August 01, 2022

4 Ways To Enhance Your Self-Care Sunday Routine

Nothing beats a little recharge after a long, busy week. Self-care is an effective way to help you relieve stress from the weekend, but it helps to set the tone for the week to come. Here are four ways you can enhance your self-care Sunday routine! 

  1. Set The Tone. A perfect self-care Sunday also comes with the perfect ambiance for a day to yourself. Set the tone with one of our stress-relieving Aromatherapy Candles! Choose between our invigorating Lemongrass & Lime or  calming Lavender Sprig scents. Treat yourself today!
  1. Soak Away Your Worries. Set aside some time to take a dip into a nice hot bath. Turn on your favorite music or podcast, grab a drink, and drop in a couple of our Foot n Hand Bombs or sprinkle in some of our European Spa Salts for a luxurious addition to your bath! 
  1. Treat Your Feet. Did you know that soaking your feet for at least 20 minutes per day can help improve your mood, energy level, and even improve your sleeping habits? Our Happy Feet Foot Massager is the perfect way to indulge in your self-care Sunday routine! Order yours today and start relaxing. 
  1. Catch Up On Rest. Sleeping is more than just self-care, it’s a necessity! Nothing improves your mood better than a full night of rest. More sleep helps to improve your memory as well as your overall focus and mood. Did you know that a lack of sleep can wreak havoc on your emotions? If you’re not getting enough rest, treat yourself to a nap! Your body will thank you for it.

It’s important that you take time for yourself as much as possible. Shop our spa products today to improve your self-care routine this season!