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Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Our Cupid’s Bundle

February 04, 2022

Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Our Cupid’s Bundle

Love is in the air this month! Whether you’re going out or staying in for Valentine's Day, let us help you create the perfect romantic evening. Here are a few ways you can spice up your Valentine's Day! 

  1. Enjoy a foot massage with your partner. Enjoy a night of relaxation with a couple’s foot massage with our “Happy Feet” Foot Massager. Put on your favorite TV show, grab your favorite snacks and drink, and relax while your feet get the pampering they deserve. 

  1. Enhance your night with lavender spa salt. Stress shouldn't prevent you from enjoying a romantic Valentine's Day. Relax your muscles, ease any stress, and relieve irritation with our Lavender Dreams European Spa Salts. Our spa salts can be added to your foot massager or bath for an enhanced spa experience. 

  1. Light an Aromatherapy Candle. You can set the mood for a romantic date night in by lighting some candles. Our Lavender Sprig candle smells like a blend of herbal lavender and fresh-cut grass, lulling you into a state of peace and tranquility.

  1. End the night with a good romantic comedy. You can’t spend Valentine’s Day in and not watch a good rom-com! Grab the snacks and snuggle up with your person for a night of love and laughter. Here’s a list of the 20 best rom coms to watch this month.

Our Cupid's Bundle is the perfect at-home date night package for you and your special someone this Valentine's Day! Visit our website to get yours today while supplies last.