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Benefits of Caring for Your Hands

January 15, 2021

Benefits of Caring for Your Hands

Your hands do so many things for you. You write, type, scroll, text, eat, drink, and some of us talk with our hands. Not to mention how meaningful touch can be with your children and loved ones. You show care and affection through use of your hands, and you should also be showing care to your hands. Taking care of your hands has important benefits for your health and wellness.

Many understand washing your hands regularly is good for your health to clean off dirt and germs. However, washing your hands constantly dries out the skin and leads to wrinkles. Time in the sun also affects the skin on your hands. In addition, you should care for your cuticles because hangnails can lead to infections and swelling. Keeping your hands moisturized and protected with creams and lotions can reduce signs of aging and keep your skin healthy.

Caring for your hands is also important to watch for larger health concerns. For example, black or brown spots on your nails could be skin cancer and should be checked out by a dermatologist. If you experience numbness or tingling in your hands, it could be a pinched nerve causing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. You can catch other health concerns like cysts or sprains in your hands if you are caring for them regularly.

We use our hands for so much, and it is important to care for them just as much. Fortunately, caring for your hands is simple. Happy Feet n Hands was founded to provide a one-stop shop for hand and foot care products. Browse through our hand products to get your wellness journey started.