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Benefits of Bath Salts

March 01, 2021

Benefits of Bath Salts

Among our self care and pampering products, Happy Feet n Hands will be carrying bath salts (the kind for relaxation, not the trippy kind). Adding salts to your bath can help you relax more, and they can also provide some health and wellness benefits. Check out some of those benefits below. 

Bath salts can help reduce muscle tension and inflammation and help alleviate joint pain. You can also experience relief for skin irritation, inflammation, and dryness by adding salts to your bath. Additionally, bath salts can help you relax and alleviate stress and anxiety. 

More specifically, bath salts can have great health benefits for your feet. If you soak your feet and add bath salts, it can help with athlete’s foot, toenail fungus, and foot odor. It can also help alleviate symptoms resulting from gout. 

If you haven’t tried bath salts before, why not now? Upgrade your bath with salts for ultimate relaxation plus these health benefits. Visit our products page to see what salts we offer in addition to many other self care and pampering products.