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4 Must-Haves For a DIY Spa Day

September 01, 2021

4 Must-Haves For a DIY Spa Day

 Are you in need of a day to unwind but can’t afford the prices at the spa? Have a spa day of your own at home! Here are four must-haves to make your DIY spa day perfect.

  1. Foot Massager: A foot massage is essential when it comes to a relaxing spa day at home. What’s better than sitting back and watching your favorite show while your feet get pampered and soothed? 


  1. Candles: Candles are perfect for setting the mood for your spa day. Light a few candles to set a relaxing light in the room. The scents can also aid in relieving your worried mind. Feeling anxious? Reach for a lavender candle to ease your mind and your stress.


  1. Bath Salts: Soaking in bath salts has many benefits as your skin soaks up the minerals. Ease away muscle pain, relieve congestion, and hydrate your skin as you soak in a relaxing salt bath.


  1. Moisturizing Hand Gloves: Finish your spa day off by soothing your hardworking hands. Our lavender moisturizing gloves will help you destress and leave your hands happy and moisturized.  

Create your perfect spa day with our Happy Feet n Hands self-care essentials. Start shopping today!